Past Convention 2009 

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A Message From ALPFA's President

In August 2008, Deloitte was the Lead Sponsor to one of the most successful ALPFA conventions ever.  Titled, “The Rising Leadership of Latinos,” ALPFA’s 36th annual convention brought together approximately 2100 attendees to the city of Phoenix. Over a four day period, participants had the opportunity to attend approximately 50 quality workshops and build relationships with talented individuals from all over the country.  Following the convention, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

To build on the success of our 2008 Convention, we have been diligently preparing for the 2009 Convention: “Winning Traditions,  Gateway to Success.” Leading the way is KPMG as our Lead Sponsor. Over the years KPMG has been, and continues to be, a strong partner  to ALPFA. New this year is State Street as the Welcoming Presenting  Sponsor, and together we plan to bring you an even bigger and better experience in the city of Boston. 

Boston is a city full of culture; it is home to many institutions of higher education, industries like health care and finance, and yes… sports. Boston is also home of ALPFA’s largest chapter in the nation with over 1500 members.  KPMG, State Street, the Boston Chapter and ALPFA National look forward to bringing you what will prove to be our most successful and well-attended convention yet. 

This convention will be my first as ALPFA’s National President. I have been a member of ALPFA for over 11 years and have benefited tremendously from this organization, both personally and professionally.  My greatest return has come from giving back to the organization and community through leadership roles within ALPFA. Being president of this great organization is one of my most cherished accomplishments, and working on a convention worthy of the ALPFA name will be one of challenges I look forward to in the coming months.

Hector Perez
ALPFA National President